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2024 "England Autumn Internationals"

2024 "England Autumn Internationals"

Kerry Rose29 Mar - 17:21
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2024 "England Autumn Internationals"

England v New Zealand – Saturday 2 November 2024 – KO 3.10pm
Ticket prices £169, £139, £111, £91

England v Australia – Saturday 9 November 2024 – KO 3.10pm
Ticket Prices £129, £109, £91, £70

England v South Africa – Saturday 16 November 2024 – KO 5.40pm.
Ticket prices. £129, £109, £91, £70

England v Japan – Sunday 24 November 2024 – KO 4.10pm
Ticket Prices £75, £65, £54, £44

Applications for tickets for the 2024 "Autumn Internationals" should be made no later than 20th April 2024.

*Important you must inform by email your ticket application to Ian Tooley and let him know when you have paid monies into the club

Full Name
Full Address
Game/Games Tickets applied for, date or dates, total number of tickets and ticket price applying for and money deposited to club.

Please pay upfront for the highest value tickets for each game but apply for your preferred ticket price. Any excess payment will be refunded after the tickets have been allocated.

For further information and/or bank details, please contact Ian Tooley by email or 07789178874

Requests will be taken after 20th April 2024 if the "Clubs Allocation" hasn't been used in full.

New Zealand, Australia & South Africa are restricted to the "Clubs Allocation".
Japan is an unrestricted allocation.

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