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Your club needs your help!

Your club needs your help!

By Amanda Steel
16 June
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Can you offer up some time to volunteer at the club?

Lowestoft and Yarmouth Rugby Club have enjoyed a good season despite all that Covid has thrown at us. Many of the Pre-match lunches, Youth rugby festivals, Sunday Youth games, touring sides visiting the club and the bigger events like the Firework nights, Beer Festival, Schools programmes and Private hire have either happened or will be happening again next season.
These events raise thousands of pounds for the Club and will hopefully ensure that our finances remain in good order. However all of these events from the smallest to the biggest need Volunteers to help, undertaking a whole host of tasks.
Our happy band of regular volunteers need your support.
We must increase the number of people who are willing to put their name on a Volunteer list with telephone numbers and email addresses, so that when any event is booked into the Rugby Club’s calendar we can work out the volunteers we need, the tasks that need to be done and can then contact people on the Volunteer list and book them in with as much notice as we can and confirm what their role will be.
We will try to set up a system for good communication. If we can organise a list from our club members with 30/40 names then the same people will not be used on every occasion that Volunteers are needed. Volunteers can be of any age. Some Volunteer tasks will be for over 18’s only
We will have an understanding of how long some of these events will take, so for the events that last ½ day, a full day or a weekend, we can book people in for timed slots so that when you volunteer you know exactly what date, what time and therefore what your commitment is.
Here are some of the sorts of things that we need volunteers to help with:
1 Bar- Serving, restocking, collecting and washing glasses.
2 Kitchen duties- cooking, serving, stacking dishwasher, setting tables, clearing tables, serving at lunches
3 Clubhouse- Helping with small repairs, paint touch ups
4 Outside event- Bar and food serving, putting up temporary fences, erecting gazebos, clearing ground after events. Next day litter pick-ups to keep pitches safe.
5 Grounds- Strimming, weeding, sweeping paths, litter collecting, bin emptying
6 Car Park- Sorting parking at big events for cars arriving and cars leaving he club (often needs 4/6/8 volunteers)
7 Security- Bodies needed at big events to patrol ground, give advice and information, run errands
8 Collections- Half time collections around the pitches
9 Raffles- Sell tickets at lunches and other events

The list is endless. All Club members are able to help with some of these tasks. It only takes one session behind the bar or kitchen to become fully trained! No new volunteer will be left alone in any situation that they feel uncomfortable in.

Place your name on our Volunteer Rota.
Just contact Tony Falco with your contact details (see below) and identify what sort of tasks you are able to help with (After your contact details just list the numbers of the tasks listed above….. If you list 1 and 6 then I know you will help with Bar and Car Park). If you are happy to be considered for all tasks then just state GENERAL when you contact me.

If we have these details then we can approach you and ask if you can help for particular time slots. Some events happen once a year and need as many volunteers as we can muster but some happen most Saturdays and Sundays. The more willing volunteers we have then the more we can share tasks between us. If we do get a core group of volunteers of all ages we will try to sort out communication by emails or possibly develop a WhatsApp group to maintain contact.

PLEASE DO NOT DELAY…… provide the following information
1. name,
2. contact details (mobile phone number and email address)
3. State the section of the Club you belong to (Seniors, Coach, Youth, Committee, VP/LVP, etc)
4. State your preference for tasks (numbers 1 to 9 or state General).

Feel free to add any notes for our guidance. For example you may state that you are only ever available on Saturdays or Sundays and only am or pm. You may only want to be available for the playing season. Add anything that you feel may be helpful.

Tony Falco at or message me on 07900537549
Please respond asap but before June 30th 2022.
We will then have a full list which can become operational from 1st August 2022
Yours in anticipation of a positive response
Tony Falco

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